eMag Roundup! The web’s best digital magazines this month…

March 17, 2010

Everyone’s favorite contract publisher Redwood have recently unveiled a couple of brilliant contract eMags. First up is a new issue of Zoom Zoom the eMag made on behalf of Mazda. Published using eDition it showcases brilliantly how digital magazines can use interactivity to strengthen a brand and create a unique reader experience:

Zoom Zoom

Next up is the totally awesome Esprit eMag. Launched simultaneously in eight different countries and several different languages (a world first). Esprit is a new take on the eMag format, ditching the traditional facing pages aspect like a print mag and going for something much more contemporary. It rocks. One of the best examples of how this medium can be used to great benefit in a bid to advertise a brand and involve readers. Excellent photography, good editorial content and ideas and nice design. Also launched on the eDition platform, a testament to the versatility of their platform and developers.

Esprit eMag
Esprit website

Dennis Publishing have also launched a new issue of Sky Magazine Live a contract title for the overpriced television provider. Published on the Ceros platform it’s a nice magazine with tones of animation and interactivity. The video content is especially good, one of Dennis’ strong point is it’s in house video team that churn out some really great videos across multiple brands. The design is a bit too complicated, some pages are just overflowing, and it can be difficult to read at times but generally it’s a good eMag.

Sky Magazine Live

Claret and Blue I like. It’s made by a small team, it’s not too over the top and serves it’s purpose very well. Again published on eDition, it’s a bit garish and basic but is a great example of how eMags can serve sports magazines…

Claret and Blue


New eMags from Mazda and Barclays

February 24, 2010

As one title gets stored in a bleak garage (iMotor) 2 new eMags have sprung up in it’s place. Redwood have just launched Zoom Zoom USA, the American edition of their very good Mazda contract title. Also Barclays bank have launched Smart Living, another very well made eMag. Both titles have been published using the excellent eDition publishing software and platform.

Check ’em out for yourself:

Zoom Zoom
Smart Living

Visit eDition at this years Publishing Expo (see below)

Wired Magazine to launch on iPad by summer

February 16, 2010

Everyones favorite posh publishers Condé Nast, have announced that their kick-ass Wired magazine will indeed grace the touching screens of Jobs’ latest creation by this summer.

Announced at the awesome 2010 TED conference by Wired’s Chris Anderson and Adobe’s Jeremy Clark the news was no surprise really, in fact it was an inevitability. Since I was not fortunate enough (or rich enough) to be at the TED conference I didn’t see the demo myself, although it seems the mag is fairly similar to that of New York Times.

Readers can scroll horizontally through the magazine, when they see an article they like they scroll vertically. The iPad also changes from landscape to portrait depending on which way the unit is held.

It also contain some interactivity. The demo showed Adobe’s Clark touching a 360 degree animation of a new Camaro, showing how advertisers could utalise the new technology. Except it’s not new. 360’s have been around for years on web sites and I’ve been doing them for 2 years inside interactive magazines. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, it’s simply taken Condé Nast to push it one step further by making it compatible with iPad Applications.

By his own admission Anderson acknowledges the iPad magazine is only “part of the answer”. He’s right of course, but the fact that they have already started down this road and have announced a rough launch date means that “part of the answer” puts them ahead of the pack. No news on if this roll out on the UK edition or if it’s just the US version.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how existing eMag publishers tackle the iPad. What will Dennis Publishing do? They currently publish the three most successful consumer eMags around, how will they embrace the iPad? Will they even try? Will Redwood Publishing conquer the iPad market for contract titles. WIll IPC Media come out of nowhere or will Future tackle their decreasing profits with electoic editions? Who knows, and who for the next five minutes, who cares? I’ve got a coffee waiting…

Microsoft introduce 3 “slate PC’s”

January 7, 2010

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gets into full swing, the first big announcement was made by Microsoft Chief Exec Steve Ballmer. Not one, but three tablet devices, or “Slate PC’s” as they have decided to call them. One from Archos, one from HP and one from Pegatron.

He gives a brief demonstration of the HP slate by using a very shite looking eBook. It’s really quite amazing how boring this guy makes it look. Regardless of what you think about Apple, Jobs’ keynotes are always exciting and they manage to make everything look exciting and cool. Ballmer makes me want to start speed reading a Bulgarian dictionary.

Click here to see the BBC’s video of Ballmer and the HP tablet

The HP Slate looks very sleek and pretty cool (for a HP product), it will run Windows 7 which should mean full Flash support for existing titles like iGizmo and iMotor and no doubt be able to run the likes of Adobe Air or other third party applications suitable for reading books or magazines.

What the announcement failed to do was capture peoples imagination like Apple will hopefully do. Regardless though, Slates or Tablets are coming and they will make things considerably more interesting for the likes of eMag publishers.

A full run down of Tablet PC’s is on it’s way… stay tuned

Media Magazin interviews MagDesginer

November 30, 2009

The excellent Slovenian based Marketing Magazin has just posted an absolutely amazing, earth shattering, awesome, inspiring and fantastic interview with myself, Wayne Holder of Redwood and Rok Pulevic Makovec from eDition.

Of course I cant read a word of it since I can only speak English, Australian and American (ooh and Canadian). However I do remember what I said and yes, it was good. So go learn Slovenian, then go there and buy a copy of that fabulous magazine.


September 21, 2009


Today sees the launch of Redwood Publishing’s eZine, ZoomZoom. Originally a print mag for Mazda it has now swiftly adopted the crown of best online eZine. It’s slickly designed, full of attitude, has some impeccable Flash work (you can tell they’ve spent ages on the timing of animations) and does a great job of representing the Mazda brand.
Most interestingly it has been published on the eDition platform. As far as I am aware this could be the first major English language launch for eDition. Having said that since the mag is for a Canadian audience it is available in both English and French. Nicely showcasing eDitons multi language interface.
It’s good to see someone giving eDition the exposure they warrant and it’s good to see Redwood are pushing the boundaries of eZines.

Check it out for yourself, if only all eZines could be this well made (yeah I’m talking to you GQ):

Click here