Magazine Group and Zinio sitting in a tree…

November 30, 2009

Dennis Publishing owned Magazine Group has recently jumped into bed with American based digital publisher Zinio.

A co-branded website can be found under the catchy url of (just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?).

Basically the partnership means English users can now get access to Zinio digital editions through the popular subscriptions site Magazine Group. Zinio currently offers more than 50,000 titles including a shed load of back issues.

I really can’t see the point of this. Never have. I do think getting access to back issue of old print mags is a nice feature for the small minority that want it. But charging £30 for a digital subscription for a magazine that wasn’t even made for that medium is stupid. And only a dumbass would fall for it.

If you’re going to offer digital editions then you either need to a) create original content or b) lower the price. Seriously £30 for a print product that isn’t printed? Balls, I’d rather buy the print edition, at least that way I have something to swat flys with.

I also find it interesting that as a company owned by Dennis Publishing it doesn’t mention anywhere on it’s site any of Dennis’ eMags. No mention of iGizmo, iMotor, Monkey or it’s contract titles. These bespoke, made for web magazines are completely overlooked in favor of promoting titles from other companies on a platform that just simply doesn’t reflect it’s new medium.

Is it too much hassle to promote bespoke titles? Is it just easier to convert print PDFs and upload them to make a fast buck? Are eMags still on the agenda as an important “next step”? Who knows… I’m sure if any of my bosses are reading this I’ll get an email with an answer…