iBook Store and reader

January 28, 2010

Finally something has arrived to piss all over the Kindle and the eReader. The iPad is almost perfect for electronic book publishing. The high resolution screen, long battery life (10 hours) and one month standby time make it a perfect coffee table layabout (if not a little expensive).

The most interesting thing though is the iBook store. It’s so obvious and simple it will undoubtedly work like a charm and within the next 6 months easily become the premier distribution facility for eBooks. Apple are also wise enough to use the eBook standard, ePub, then take it one step further by making it colour (shock horror) and even add video content.

The iBook Store basically does everything magazine publishers wanted an imaginary iMagazine Store to do. But this should not be overlooked by magazine publishers. It’s not just for use by book publishers, it is simply another means in which to channel your content.