Dennis Publishing “Close” iMotor

February 22, 2010

In a rather sad move Dennis Publishing today announced the closure of its eMag – iMotor. Well, maybe closure isn’t the right word, as iMotor will continue to publish “sponsored editions, that coincide with major launches or significant motoring events and shows”. It seems they are staying away from using the word “close” since it was such a popular brand and still has some legs, or wheels left on it.

Launched 24 issues ago shortly after the launch of iGizmo, iMotor made a big impact on both the motoring market and the eMag market. Becoming instantly loved by a shed load of readers iMotor was chock full of awesome interactivity; with games, quizzes excellent video reviews and a whole host of great digital content that no other consumer title could even think about competing against. iMotor was an excellent example of how an eMag should be made and it’s such a shame that it has closed before the masses took notice of it.

It’s decline has been put down to a “downturn in the motoring industry as a whole but we have also found it hard to convince manufacturers to make full use of the creative environment that a digital magazine offers” says Pete Wootton, MD of Dennis Interactive. This is a problem that all consumer eMag publishers face but it’s not all doom and gloom, the two other Dennis eMags Monkey and iGizmo have proven hugely successful as have the multitude of contract titles that have come from within the Dennis walls.

So it’s the end of an era for one title, but the birth of a new one as more and more people take to digital publishing and iPad magazines.

Check out the current, and last issue of iMOTOR


Wired Magazine to launch on iPad by summer

February 16, 2010

Everyones favorite posh publishers Condé Nast, have announced that their kick-ass Wired magazine will indeed grace the touching screens of Jobs’ latest creation by this summer.

Announced at the awesome 2010 TED conference by Wired’s Chris Anderson and Adobe’s Jeremy Clark the news was no surprise really, in fact it was an inevitability. Since I was not fortunate enough (or rich enough) to be at the TED conference I didn’t see the demo myself, although it seems the mag is fairly similar to that of New York Times.

Readers can scroll horizontally through the magazine, when they see an article they like they scroll vertically. The iPad also changes from landscape to portrait depending on which way the unit is held.

It also contain some interactivity. The demo showed Adobe’s Clark touching a 360 degree animation of a new Camaro, showing how advertisers could utalise the new technology. Except it’s not new. 360’s have been around for years on web sites and I’ve been doing them for 2 years inside interactive magazines. It’s nothing new or groundbreaking, it’s simply taken Condé Nast to push it one step further by making it compatible with iPad Applications.

By his own admission Anderson acknowledges the iPad magazine is only “part of the answer”. He’s right of course, but the fact that they have already started down this road and have announced a rough launch date means that “part of the answer” puts them ahead of the pack. No news on if this roll out on the UK edition or if it’s just the US version.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how existing eMag publishers tackle the iPad. What will Dennis Publishing do? They currently publish the three most successful consumer eMags around, how will they embrace the iPad? Will they even try? Will Redwood Publishing conquer the iPad market for contract titles. WIll IPC Media come out of nowhere or will Future tackle their decreasing profits with electoic editions? Who knows, and who for the next five minutes, who cares? I’ve got a coffee waiting…

Digital Partnership finally announced…

December 8, 2009

Today see the official announcement of what we all knew was coming, a partnership between print publishers to help secure a future in digital magazines.

Hearst, Condé Nast, Time Inc, Meredith and News Corporation have formed an independent venture to help develop open standards for a new “digital storefront” and related technologies.

There are four parts to their agreement:

1) To create a highly featured common reading application capable of rendering the distinctive look and feel of each publication
2) To create a robust publishing platform optimized for multiple devices, operating systems and screen sizes
3) To create a consumer storefront offering an extensive selection of reading options
4) To create a rich array of innovative advertising opportunities

Beyond the publications of the equity partners, the venture will welcome other publishers to offer their content via this new digital platform. Publishers will derive revenue from content and advertising sales, as well as from print subscriptions.

For publishers and advertisers, the venture will offer an attractive, cost-efficient, consumer-focused environment. Advertisers will be able to utilize innovative formats that benefit from the highly engaging, interactive nature of this new medium. In addition to entirely new magazine and newspaper reading experiences, content selections may ultimately include books, comic books, blogs and other media.

The whole press release can be found here

So there we go, a big announcement indeed and a good one to end the year on. 2010 will be a significant year for eMags and digital publishing in general. What does this mean for smaller, more independent publishers? And how will some of the other bigger companies respond? What will the likes of Future, Bauer and Dennis do next year?

Only time shall tell…

New issues of iGizmo & iMotor

November 26, 2009

Stuck for ideas this Christmas? Wanna know all about the new Ferrari? Then you need to get your mince pies around these two little numbers…


iMotor has undergone a small refresh, making it now officially the most pink car magazine on the virtual shelves. Includes a nice 360, shed loads of video and an interview with Jenson Button. Although a tad over crowded on most pages and their being the usual too much content being crowded into 30 pages, it works well and a nice title. Considering it is not a contract title and done on a monthly basis it’s a cracking magazine, one of the best online.

iGizmo has expanded substantially this issue, due to the rise in sweeeet Christmas gadgets, so it’s a bumper issue. Functionality seems have been smoothed out in most instances and there are some nice features in there. Again, arguably too much content for this platform but for a free monthly consumer title it’s a pretty damn good.

Check ’em out for yourselves…

Adobe and eMags

October 25, 2009

Picture 1

Recently I became an advocate of Adobe products. I’ve kinda always been one really but now it’s official and caught on camera.

After talking to Adobe on more than one occasion concerning Creative Suite 5 and the further integration of InDesign and Flash, Adobe decided they’d come and make a little video case study on iGizmo and our working practices at Dennis Publishing.

So if you’re interested in how we do things on iGizmo and iMotor, head over and have a butchers…

Adobe eMag solutions

eZine Round Up!

August 25, 2009


Been a little slack of late, due to the fact I’ve been trying really hard to have one of those things I hear some people have… what are they called again? Ah yes, a life.

Quite a few new issues around so here goes…

Felix Dennis on digital publishing

July 8, 2008

Felix Dennis, owner of Dennis Publishing’s iGizmo, iMotor and Monkey is seen on Fox Business news briefly covering the subject of digital publishing and his opinion on whether or not titles such as iGizmo and Monkey are the end of print.