London to launch another free paper…

November 30, 2009

Not content with The Shortlist free weekly mens mag, or the terrible “Stylist” for women, or even the two freebies that just closed down or it’s replacement the now free Evening Standard. The fine city of London is preparing for a new weekly paper.

The London Weekly will hit the recycling bins on December 20th.

Due out on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings outside your local Tube station, the new paper aims to bridge the gap between retards looking for Kate Moss gossip and idiots that can only read current affairs in chunks of 20 words or less.
According to Global Publishing Group have pumped in a sizable £5.5 million pounds into the launch which will also see the creation of a website, radio station and TV station.

Their holding page states “250,000 copies distributed in London each and every week. The only free newspaper in London covering light entertainment, gossip, politics, health, music and fashion”. Obviously when they say “only” they mean “not counting the Evening Standard”.

Seems like an odd time to lauch a paper, 5 days before Christmas… why not wait to new year? At £5000 for a single page ad and just over £9000 for a DPS, it will be interesting to see how long it goes for.

I personally am much more interested in the TV channel. A free London based channel with content both viewer specific and viewer created could be the change I’ve been wondering about for the last few years.
Further more it will be interesting to see if this has any effect on Dennis Publishing’s immensely successful publication The Week. A paid for title that has recently pissed over all those that dare stand before it. The Week is a nice informative guide to the worlds biggest stories and England’s most important topics. Could The London Weekly put a dent in it’s readership or advertising?