Adobe CS5, Ceros, eDition and MagDesigner upgrades

February 8, 2010

In a world that has a distinct absence of flying cars, hover-boards and replicators it’s reassuring to know somethings are being improved. In the last week I have seen and heard about a few changes coming soon that will make things a little more exciting for us eMag makers.

Ceros Media have given me a sneak peak at their modified “self serve” system which is looking really good. Can’t give any specific details away (they’d string me up by the balls) but it’s a massive improvement and makes for a really user friendly publishing tool that will make 2 of my jobs a load easier and more efficient.

eDition have told me what they have in store for the upcoming Publishing Expo and to say I’m excited about it would be an understatement of epic proportions. Very fucking cool indeed.

Adobe have been working very hard on Creative Suite 5 with InDesign and Flash looking sexier than Jessica Alba dipped in a chocolate rice crispy mix (that may just be a personal thing.) The interactive elements offered from InDesign have been expanded massively and work in conjunction with Flash a lot better than before. It also helps put more power into the hands of magazine designers rather than Flash programmers, something very important for the continued success of eMags.

And finally MagDesigner itself is undergoing a top secret, if I told you I’d have to kill you type re-design. Hopefully to be launched in the spring it will be expanded massively with a lot more articles, video, features and reviews of all the big eMag publishers.

So the next few months are going to see some nice upgrades. And maybe, just maybe someone will make a break through in flying car technology.


The day that changes publishing?

January 27, 2010

So today is the day many off us media types and computer geeks have been speculating about for some time now. Apple should unveil, in some capacity, a new tablet computer. The Keynote takes place at 6pm good-old-English time and can be followed on practically any news or gadget site out there.

To say this product launch is important would be a massive understatement. The Apple Tablet has the potential to “rescue” the publishing industry and give it purpose and focus, much like Apple have done with the music industry through iTunes. It could be a major step forward in interactive magazine enjoyment and distribution.

It could also have a negative effect on current eMag publishers like Ceros or eDition. Since it is unlikely that the Apple Tablet will support Flash content where will these publishers stand and how will they adapt? Are mobile Apps the only way forward? Will HTML 5 be the answer? Can Adobe Air become the new platform of choice. Or will someone finally give us multiple publishing options in one handy package?

It’s also worth noting that even if Apple do announce a Tablet today it won’t be on sale for another month at least, analysts (posh word for “estimators”) suggest a March 1st release. Because of this there will be little word on pricing structures or 3G network providers.

As soon as Apple announce something tonight, you’ll be able to read about it right here. And of course everywhere else on the internet. And the papers. And TV of course, and maybe the radio, possibly also through usage of smoke signals and morse code. Basically it’s going to be hard to not hear about it.

All Condé Nast magazines to be tablet ready

January 27, 2010

By the end of Twenty Ten posh publisher Condé Nast will roll out electronic versions of their 18 titles. Aimed at the tablet market and no doubt taking advantage of their sneak Apple Tablet specs, the magazines will be produced alongside their print counter parts. It is believed ecommerce will feature heavily in these titles in a bid for Condé Nast to increase revenue through selling shit related to their mags, so Gourmet could sell kitchen utensils, GQ could sell high class hookers and Wired could sell, er, wires all within an online magazine.

Ecommerce in magazines is nothing new, eDition have had that capability for ages now and the Ceros published Sears magazine proved a great success last year. This is however the first time any publisher has announced a company wide move to digital and is a milestone in the embracement of digital publishing. I have no doubt that they will be the first of many publishers to make this announcement and over the next few weeks more will do the same. Nice one Condé Nast!

Publishing Expo 2010

December 26, 2009

The UK’s big Publishing Expo hits the Olympia on February 24th and 25th, chock full of all that publishing type stuff we all love so much.

As well as the usual suspects there are some other companies well worth popping in to see, like eDition, eMag Creator, Yudu and Texterity.

They even also offers seminars covering all aspects of publishing from marketing and distribution to print and digital design.

It will be well worth a trip to see, especially since I’ve heard promises of some very cool stuff being on show regarding eMags.

Head over to to register for your free entry badge.

Media Magazin interviews MagDesginer

November 30, 2009

The excellent Slovenian based Marketing Magazin has just posted an absolutely amazing, earth shattering, awesome, inspiring and fantastic interview with myself, Wayne Holder of Redwood and Rok Pulevic Makovec from eDition.

Of course I cant read a word of it since I can only speak English, Australian and American (ooh and Canadian). However I do remember what I said and yes, it was good. So go learn Slovenian, then go there and buy a copy of that fabulous magazine.

eMag’s become perfect platform for business reports…

November 17, 2009

BT Upload isn’t the only eMag to win an award recently. Abanka, Slovenian annual banking report has won an award for best annual report. I can only imagine how boring that process must have been for the judges! But Abanka done a fine job of making 210 page document a little more friendly and unique and all built (including the site) using the eDition platform.

Abanka 2008 report

It’s also a nice example for customisation of the eDition interface, the menu bar and turn arrows, all remarkably easy to do.

So are eMags the perfect platform for jazzing up some of the worlds most boring content? The PPA have their annual report on Ceros, as do many other B2B companies. Sounds like this could be a viable way to help support online platforms whilst magazine publishers get their heads around the idea of unique interactive magazines for the public.

eDition Version 4.6 looks sweeeeet!

November 13, 2009

Picture 1

If you nip over to the eDition website you can get a run down of some of the new features in their 4.6 update. Having seen a sneak peek of it just recently I can say with 100% confidence, it kicks ass!

As you’d expect, the online publishing platform and behind-the-scenes services offered are as good as ever. What makes them special is the eDition software that enables you to produce a digital magazine very quickly and efficiently, even without knowledge of Adobe Flash. They are trying harder and harder to put more power in the hands of designers rather than coders. Or at the least, they give you that option.

eDition 4.6 is an indispensable tool for both large companies and small, independent publishers alike.

But don’t take my word for it (like you would anyway!) head over to their site for more info and a free demo: