So who is MagDesigner? Well, that would be me, Russell Clark. I am a freelance Art Director and promoter of Interactive Magazines. I am not affiliated with any of the publishing companies or digital platform providers, I am an independent and professional resource here for your amusement!

I am however the ex-Group Art Editor of iGizmo and iMotor the two most successful consumer eMags in Britain. I am an expert on digital workflow and production ethics, part time lecturer and occasional bad cook.

I am based in Vancouver and in London although I do freelance work for a lot of countries in between (gotta love the freedom of the internet!).

I have worked in print for many years and served my time on many magazines both in this country and abroad. I’ve worked on scratch launches (including my own), contract work, news stand consumer titles and am now involved heavily in the exciting world of digital magazines.

I’ve also worked closely with Adobe, helping to improve software aimed at publishing houses and am proud to be an Adobe Advocate despite not even getting a free t-shirt… I write articles for print publications and I talk a lot about eMags at the pub, much to the annoyance of my mates.

I can provide advice to any companies wishing to set up an eMag, or I can provide the whole shebang – beginning, middle and end, resulting in an industry leading online interactive magazine experience.

If you’re serious about launching an eMag get in touch, I’m more than happy to sit down and talk about this possible path for your company. In this time of uncertainty it’s important we share our knowledge and help each other out.

Dive in, make an eMag and make a difference.

Russell Clark
The home of digital publishing.


One Response to MagDesigner

  1. Hi Russell,

    I hope you are well and apologies for the e-mail out the blue. As part of my job remit I am now trying to champion digital magazines as a medium. With much of your excellent site being geared towards this I thought it may be of interest to keep an open dialogue between us. Although appreciative of a potential conflict of interests via your work with Dennis, I thought that a working relationship championing the medium would be of mutual benefit. I have some ideas in this regard, so please let me know if this may be of interest.

    Kind regards,


    PS Virgin Media electric! was highly commended as a digital soloution at last years APA awards, in the spirit of sharing good news!

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