Magazines on the iPad. Now.

So you wanna be first to get a magazine on the iPad? Well you can’t because it’s already been done. Not only will many magazines and papers (like the New York Times) be launching iPad specific Apps but existent iPhone Apps now pose a serious threat to those that have not embraced the iPhone’s huge success.

Pixel Mags are a London, New York and LA based electronic publishing company that specialise in turning print ready PDFs into iPhone Apps. They currently publish Mac User, Dirt, iCreate, Total911 and Impora amongst others. As we know the iPad can run existing iPhone Apps at double the size making PDF based digital editions much more readable, desirable and most importantly; available.

Pixel Mags also offer a lot of in-App features like search functionality, interactive content, in-App purchasing and good old page turning effects. It’s still a little way off the likes of Sports International’s glitzy demo, but what Pixel Mags are doing is bridging an important gap and making the transition for publishers as minimal as possible.

Until publishers acknowledge they need to bring stuff like this in house, Pixel Mags are a damn safe bet with a really good product that should hopefully work great on an iPad. They also have a sweeeet website, so click on the pic above and go give them the time of day…

Pixel Mags aren’t the only dudes making iPhone Apps though, Zinio have also released their own App:

Zinio have a whole host of titles already available on the iPhone, which means they are will be available for the iPad upon it’s release day. It’s unclear how either of these companies plan to adapt to the new iPad and what they have planned for future Apps. But in the meantime they are both the most viable way of getting a half decent, interactive magazine onto either of Apple’s glorious devices.


One Response to Magazines on the iPad. Now.

  1. Carlos says:

    Is there a resource that provides technical guidelines for creating apps for the iPhone/iPad, other than Apple’s Software Developer’s Tool Kit? I am definitely going to study the Apple SDK, but I would like to know some other basic info like: “How do you submit a publication app to the iPhone/iPad library and sell subscriptions?”, “How are the sales of subscriptions tracked?”, “What percentage of the sale goes to Apple?”, etc.

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