The day that changes publishing?

So today is the day many off us media types and computer geeks have been speculating about for some time now. Apple should unveil, in some capacity, a new tablet computer. The Keynote takes place at 6pm good-old-English time and can be followed on practically any news or gadget site out there.

To say this product launch is important would be a massive understatement. The Apple Tablet has the potential to “rescue” the publishing industry and give it purpose and focus, much like Apple have done with the music industry through iTunes. It could be a major step forward in interactive magazine enjoyment and distribution.

It could also have a negative effect on current eMag publishers like Ceros or eDition. Since it is unlikely that the Apple Tablet will support Flash content where will these publishers stand and how will they adapt? Are mobile Apps the only way forward? Will HTML 5 be the answer? Can Adobe Air become the new platform of choice. Or will someone finally give us multiple publishing options in one handy package?

It’s also worth noting that even if Apple do announce a Tablet today it won’t be on sale for another month at least, analysts (posh word for “estimators”) suggest a March 1st release. Because of this there will be little word on pricing structures or 3G network providers.

As soon as Apple announce something tonight, you’ll be able to read about it right here. And of course everywhere else on the internet. And the papers. And TV of course, and maybe the radio, possibly also through usage of smoke signals and morse code. Basically it’s going to be hard to not hear about it.


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