Microsoft introduce 3 “slate PC’s”

As the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas gets into full swing, the first big announcement was made by Microsoft Chief Exec Steve Ballmer. Not one, but three tablet devices, or “Slate PC’s” as they have decided to call them. One from Archos, one from HP and one from Pegatron.

He gives a brief demonstration of the HP slate by using a very shite looking eBook. It’s really quite amazing how boring this guy makes it look. Regardless of what you think about Apple, Jobs’ keynotes are always exciting and they manage to make everything look exciting and cool. Ballmer makes me want to start speed reading a Bulgarian dictionary.

Click here to see the BBC’s video of Ballmer and the HP tablet

The HP Slate looks very sleek and pretty cool (for a HP product), it will run Windows 7 which should mean full Flash support for existing titles like iGizmo and iMotor and no doubt be able to run the likes of Adobe Air or other third party applications suitable for reading books or magazines.

What the announcement failed to do was capture peoples imagination like Apple will hopefully do. Regardless though, Slates or Tablets are coming and they will make things considerably more interesting for the likes of eMag publishers.

A full run down of Tablet PC’s is on it’s way… stay tuned


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