Smart money on Apple…

eTextbook publishers, CourseSmart have released a little video aimed at promoting a possible platform for Apple Tablet documents.

The video will be shown at this weeks Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vega, and will no doubt be all over desperate newspaper websites before the weeks end.

Everyone’s favorite easy read, The Wall Street Journal reports “You can do more than just read the textbook. You can interact with the content”. Wow. Coursesmart Executive Vice President Frank Lyman with his finger firmly on the pulse. A pulse from a slowly decaying corpse that is.

Still, as usual I try to look upon this as a good thing, especially since Lyman is one of the only people out there considering the Tablet’s potential with regard to education “It is all about having your textbooks integrated with other tools and resources that you use for learning.”
Unfortunately I find it impossible to see how anyone other than non-profit companies can get involved with education, any kind of profitability compromises the moral integrity of what needs to be done. But thats just me. I’m a dreamer (but not the only one).

What is interesting is the fact that yet another company has set their sites on Apple’s forthcoming Tablet. It’s not a great example of what can be done, especially when put alongside the Sports Illustrated demo, but it does show a bit of thought. It’s just a shame people seem to still be focussing in on re-hashing existing content onto a new device instead of trying to create an exciting new product altogether, and that’s what we really need.


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