Papers on Sony ebook readers (yaaaawwwwwn)

Sony has a signed an exclusive deal with Murdoch’s News Corporation to give users of it’s (crap) Reader’s access to the Wall Street Journal and New Your Post.

Obviously there are subscription costs, this is Murdoch after all. Wall Street Journal is charging nearly fifteen bucks a month and New York Post around ten. Which to me sounds like a helluva lot.

My disliking of eReaders is not unspoken, I think they’re a great R&D project but should have stayed in a lab, not sold at $250 to people.

However, as I’ve said before it’s the idea they represent that interests me, another step in the right direction maybe? I’ll be keeping a close eye on this, I’m interested to see how the subscription sales go and if they effect any of Murdoch’s other plans to start charging for stuff…

Disclaimer: In no way at all is that picture of a bored orangutan meant to be linked with the above named Murdoch. Nor am I suggesting that people who buy an eReader are either a) bored or b) have the face of primate. Any resemblance is purely coincidental.


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