Drop your linen and stop your grinin…

The Financial Times reports that Apple have scheduled a special media event for January 26th 2010. So is this for the eagerly awaited tablet or merely a series of Mac updates or just a new range of iPods?

Popular consensus leads most to think it is an announcement of some kind concerning the tablet, but not necessarily a release.

If the iPhone has been nicknamed “the Jesus phone” by some, then the upcoming tablet must be its old man.

Between Apple and Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated demo, 2010’s hottest gadget could throw open the whole publishing industry into a new and genuinely exciting arena. eMags for the masses, magazines on iTunes… that sort of thing.

Finally we can get interactive, touchscreen, electronic magazines. What a few years ago looked like future technology and almost sci-fi is now upon us. Ok, we’re no talking Buck Rogers here I know but it’s still the sort of gadget that can spark a new tech war like the iPod did and eReader failed to. This could be the droid we’ve been looking for.

Tablet or not a lot of eyes will be on Apple on January 26th, if it’s good you’ll be able to read about it here.


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