In the Air Tonight

(Ok, that’s possibly the worst headline ever I know… and Phil Collins has naff all to do with Adobe, but heh!)

So with Time Inc’s announcement that SI Tablet be be built using Air, we take a (very brief) look at what it actually is…

Air or Adobe Integrated Runtime is a cross-platform program meant for building rich internet applications using Adobe Flash, Flex, HTML or Ajax, resulting in an App that can be run off your desktop as opposed to online.

Over 100 million installations of Air have taken place since launch in February 2008 with over 500 applications now available on the Adobe Air marketplace.

Air allows existing Flash, actionscript, HTML or JavaScript to be used to build a more traditional like desktop program. Basically you can get access to internet and rich media content through a non-browser desktop app. A good recent example of this would be the interactive trailer for upcoming movie Avatar, found here.

Because Air is a desktop app, it uses local systems and storage and is thus more flexible and efficient than a more limited, browser integrated application.

Because it is a desktop application it can also be operated offline meaning some aspects of an Air application can be used off line.

NYTimes Reader 2.0 allows yo to download a newspaper and then read it offline with updates happening only when an internet connection is re-established.

Adobe Air applications can be built using Dreamweaver CS4, Adobe Flash Builder or Flash CS4. It’s also worth noting that the Beta for Air 2.0 is now out and offers support for multi gesture interfaces, meaning even more options are available than what has been shown by Time Inc. Oh, and lets not forget; it’s free to build Air apps. So what ya waiting for!

More information on Adobe Air can be found here.


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