Media Magazin interviews MagDesginer

The excellent Slovenian based Marketing Magazin has just posted an absolutely amazing, earth shattering, awesome, inspiring and fantastic interview with myself, Wayne Holder of Redwood and Rok Pulevic Makovec from eDition.

Of course I cant read a word of it since I can only speak English, Australian and American (ooh and Canadian). However I do remember what I said and yes, it was good. So go learn Slovenian, then go there and buy a copy of that fabulous magazine.

One Response to Media Magazin interviews MagDesginer

  1. Wayne Holder says:

    How do you know this story isn’t about a gang of three murderers on the loose in Slovenia, and they’re offering to pay a sizeable bounty to anyone who can identify the photos? It has to be said, Rok does look rather shifty.

    P.S. Love the blog. Keep spreading the gospel.

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