IPC Media enter the game…


Not entirely sure how this one passed me by… IPC Media have dipped their rather large toes into the world of eMags with this little number: Volks World USA

Published on the Yudu platform it seems they are six issues in. It’s interesting to see them go for Yudu as opposed to eDition or Ceros, the two main contenders. I’d love to know the reason for that particular decision.

Anyway, the magazine…

First impressions are, not too bad at all. Very, very complicated and way too much content for this medium. Also looks like it borrows quite heavily from other eMags currently online, especially iMotor.

I think the Yudu platform is very clunky, badly designed and not the most user friendly. The magazine it’s self also leans heavily towards print instead of embracing the simplicity of online magazines. There is simply waaaay too much text, at too small a point size. And the Yudu zooming function drives me nuts, so I found myself getting frustrated quit quickly.

The video content leaves a lot to be desired. I’m not sure if this is done partially as an independent title, but it doesn’t appear to have the usual IPC Media money behind it… shame, with better videos they could have a nice little product.

Generally, it’s not bad at all and most importantly any VW fan will love it. I think with a little more focus it could become great. Hopefully they’ll find their balance. Decide for yourself…


One Response to IPC Media enter the game…

  1. Lisa Moore says:

    Thanks for your comments about the YUDU technology, we’re always keen to hear people’s opinions. We’re currently developing new features and so I will pass your comments on to our team.

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