Today sees the launch of Redwood Publishing’s eZine, ZoomZoom. Originally a print mag for Mazda it has now swiftly adopted the crown of best online eZine. It’s slickly designed, full of attitude, has some impeccable Flash work (you can tell they’ve spent ages on the timing of animations) and does a great job of representing the Mazda brand.
Most interestingly it has been published on the eDition platform. As far as I am aware this could be the first major English language launch for eDition. Having said that since the mag is for a Canadian audience it is available in both English and French. Nicely showcasing eDitons multi language interface.
It’s good to see someone giving eDition the exposure they warrant and it’s good to see Redwood are pushing the boundaries of eZines.

Check it out for yourself, if only all eZines could be this well made (yeah I’m talking to you GQ):

Click here


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