eZines coming out the shazoo…

Been a few new eZines popping up recently, all of which are on the Ceros platform…

Rubber Duck car magazine, Venue – a O2 publication and Tennis Head, a tennis mag that blatanly rips off a load of my ideas. Also Issue 2 of Wired UK is online with some nice nifty little Flash pieces and finally Number 5 (Rio Ferdinand’s mag) is still well worth checking out.

Seems things are starting to gather momentum, as each month passes there is at least one new eZine launched, and the quality of most of them is pretty good really.

One Response to eZines coming out the shazoo…

  1. ggw_bach says:

    never really got into the whole ezine thing … it seems as though the gap was filled by larger blogs such as Engadget or Gawker. A lot of the material is real-time and disposable, and they don’t have that magazine like quality, but the information niche they fill is basically the same as printed mags. The whole transition from print to web has NOT gone smoothly for publishers; mainly because its a different paradigm. Same needs, different fulfillment 🙂

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