Digital presence

I’m a little late with this but I’ve had a hell of a week so this is the first bit of time I’ve had to sit down and write.
After my brief rant about only suits attending these events a kind lady at the PPA gave me a press ticket for Wednesday so unfortunately I missed Felix Dennis’ talk and the Tuesday panel Digital Magazines. I did however get a chance to snoop around and take in some talks and stand demos.

Digital Publishing seemed to have a strong presence with Zinio, Ceros and eDition all in attendance.

Ceros gave me a sneak peak at their soon to be released online magazine builder, a tool used in the creation of new issues. It’s a web based app that looks very simple to use offering video placement and link creation with ease. They also spilled a few details about their new Ceros build due towards the end of the year, seems like they have some good stuff planned…

eDition had a nice little stand with a great demo of CarZine, a new online mag in conjunction with Porsche. A really nice, Flash heavy title that looked really good and runs really well on the eDition platform. I think they raised a few eyebrows with their demos.

Zinio were out in force trying to persuade people they were still head of the game. I don’t agree personally, I think charging people for eZines is wrong and I think the simple uploading of print PDFs to an eZine is a shit way for this industry to progress. Zinio don’t seem to be as inovative or as willing to push the boat out as much as the above two companies. If anyone knows different feel free to tell me I’m wrong…


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