New bigger KindleDX to save publishing industry?


Can the new DX save publishing? Of course not, just another sensationalist headline. It should really have read “KindleDX is er, bigger…”

Firstly I’m not sure how popular these devices are, in central London I have only ever seen 3 people use an e-reader, having got my hands on a couple of different models I have always found them slow, crap to look at and bulky.

I’m not sure at what point someone said “you know what we really need is to make this bigger”.
Do Amazon really expect people to lug that thing around just so they can read a 50 pence news paper they could roll up and stick in their bag?

Ex-Future Publishing owner, now curator of TED Chris Anderson shared his views on KindleDX and the future of newspaper publishing…

If people are open to the idea of a large electronic reader than they will be open to the idea of new formats, new ways of presenting information. Do we really need to imitate printed newspapers on an e-reader especially by making it bigger? Maybe it’s that familiarity that attracts people? I feel more research needs to be shared with publishers before we start making more work for already overworked people.

I would much rather see a colour reader or a thinner reader. I know they are working on this but $489 for a large black and white solid plastic e-reader just seems like an inaccessible luxury, and what the industry needs is an affordable fashion accessory, like the iPhone.

Not to be completely negative, I like the fact it has no-fee built in 3G wireless, and can read PDFs. They may well be close to something special, they’re not too far away from being able to stream content and when they can do that in colour, we’ll start to see some really interesting publications.


One Response to New bigger KindleDX to save publishing industry?

  1. Goran says:

    What we need is a device with iPhone dimensions and A4 sized screen. Impossible? Who knows…

    There is an old saying: “You can solve any problem, regardless of how difficult it is, by just piling enough money on it 🙂

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