World Magazine Congress

If you’re in London today or tomorrow then head down to the World Magazine Congress or FIPP London 09 as it’s snazily being called this year.
If you can afford the piss-takingly expensive ticket (why do these things always exclude the people that actually make the magazines but just can’t afford a second mortgage?) there will be a whole host of speakers to er, hear speak…

Felix Dennis; my boss and overall British media legend.
Paul Kurzeja; ex Art Editor of MacUser now Creative Director of Redwood Publishing.
George J. Green; Chariman of Hearst Magazines (may have some insight into their e-ink product?)
Will Whitehorn; President of Virgin Galactic (UK)
Kevin Madden; Publisher of Dennis Publishing’s iGizmo, iMotor and Monkey eZines

As well as panels and talks there will be a whole host of “social events” or “massive piss-ups claimed on expenses” as they are also known. Plus a lot of exhibitors…Also go check out the stand by eDition they’ll have some cool shit on display…


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