Rio Ferdinand launches online mag called Ego, sorry I meant ‘5’


Yesterday saw the launch of Rio Ferdinand’s pet project Number 5. Produced by Made Up Media (the lads responsible for Catflap) Number 5 is an awesome looking ezine. Art Directed by Jason Simmons (formally of MacUser – when it used to be good) and published on the Ceros platform the monthly mag has high production values, good content and some brilliant Flash interaction.

Hopes are high for Number 5; rumor has it that close to one million hits are expected on the first issue which may spark a change to turn subsequent issues into pay-per-view priced at £1 per issue. This would be a first for UK based interactive magazines, it will be interesting to see if this happens and how popular it will remain once it has a price tag on it.

Rio is a world wide celebrity, he has connections to lots of high rolling celebs and has enough cash to bank roll the whole shebang on his own for the rest of time should he so wish. The mag has already earned some good press from The Sun newspaper which should help with it’s initial start up and I for one would suggest you check it out. It could quite possibly be the best electronic magazine on the web, just click the picture above to enjoy the Rio ego trip.


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