Wired magazine launches eZine on Ceros

Wired UK

Little late on this but worth a post anyway. With the launch of Wired UK a couple of weeks ago a smaller, slimmed down “sampler” was published on the Ceros platform.

I believe each issue will appear online as an eZine towards the end of the print mags shelf life. An interesting idea and a good bag for Ceros.

The sampler is mainly an adaptation of the print mag so you have use the zoom function a lot, but Ceros do make that very intuitive and smooth. The Flash content is light but used well, no surprises that Wired mag have done a very good job, and Ceros has once again given it a great publishing platform. I particularly like the fact they have investigated the option of embedding the whole mag into their website.

If publishing a print mag online, at the end of it’s print life proves successful Ceros could be on to a real winner here. Massive amount of magazines could easily follow suit. This would be a good thing, we need a boost in mainstream interest, because at the moment not enough people know quality, interactive publications are available 24hours per day, for free.

Check it out:



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