Print classic no longer


London’s Dennis Publishing last week announced the close of it’s flagship title, men’s mag Maxim. For the last decade Maxim has been top of it’s game and the leading men’s magazine brand world wide. However the original edition for the UK market has been spiralling downwards for the last few years.
The company’s decision to axe the title wouldn’t have been an easy one since it resulted in the loss of 12 jobs. But the “current economical climate”, to coin an annoying phrase, means it’s no longer viable to keep such a title printing when the overheads are so large and the ad revenue so low.

Maxim is now the second men’s mag this year to kick the bucket, the first being Arena.
Dennis Publishing’s reasoning is to now put emphasise online.

There is no doubt men’s magazines have seen a decline in recent years with Nuts, Zoo, Loaded, Maxim and FHM loosing readers left right and centre. However some titles stride on with the likes of GQ and Men’s Fitness proving guys still buy magazines. You can’t however doubt the effect the internet has had on print, and because of that markets have now changed. If guys want to see tities they can go online, magazines need to change with the times and to be fair Maxim was trying, but evidently too little too late.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the UK Maxim brand now it’s an online title only. What will they do with their website to keep readers and bring in advertising?

I personally think it’s a shame Maxim wasn’t made into a digital magazine like Dennis’ iGizmo. But I also believe there is a good reason for that, maybe it’s too close to Dennis’ other online magazine title Monkey…
Either way another one bites the dust. Could it have been saved? We will never know, many tried but none succeeded. Lets hope others don’t meet a similar fate.


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