Hearst does housekeeping…


In a balls out move to protect the future of publishing, media giant Hearst (publishers of Cosmopolitan and Good Housekeeping) is planning on releasing it’s very own electronic book reader. Not content with the likes of Amazon’s Kindle or Sony’s eReader, Hearst is planning on producing a full colour, wireless device by the end of the year, through which all it’s magazines will be distributed. Despite analysts doubting the potential success of this reader it can only be seen as a bold move and another step in the right direction. What the magazine world in particular is an online, colour, portable reading system. Ideally one that doesn’t make you like a dick head and doesn’t cost the earth to buy. To see magazines make their way onto a wireless device and away from both print and desktop computers is vital to the future success of digital publishing. Titles such as iGizmo will one day rely upon these technologies for their survival. All eyes are on Hearst…


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