eDition updates

Vector Map

Since my recent update and review of eDition’s online publishing system they have made a couple of important updates. They may not make a big difference to the likes of online magazines but they d accomodate for two important markets, advertisers and print publishers.

There has been a lot people from the advertising and marketing world asking for a slightly simpler platform that can be used for presentations, kinda like Power Point but no shit. eDition’s new er, edition allows for nice and simple online presentations to be made, something that may help potential magazine advertisers spend their money on.

Secondly eDition’s vector interpretation has been massively improved. A lot of online magazines exist becuase it is felt that uploading a PDF straight to a digizine platform is seen as a suitable product. Although I disagree with this and personally believe its a very lazy way of publishing that could have negative effects for the technology, I don understand why publishers would be keen on it. Any exposure is after all a bonus.

Up until now these print mags have been PDF and uploaded, but becuase they are designed for print all the type is way to small to read and the articles are too long. Zooming in to newspaper print at 6point has always seen a fairly substatial loss in quality, until now. eDtion’s new vector mapping is excellent, it reproduces type incredibly well and makes reading online newspapers a lot more pleasurable than before.

Vector mapping demo:


Presentation demo:


eDition are making some truly excellent progress in their field, it’s about time more publishers in the UK and USA started taking note…


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