A – Z of Digital Publishing: A

A is for Advertising.
Lets get the boring shit out of the way first,  advertising – without it I wouldn’t have a magazine to design. Advertisers love the Ceros platform for two reasons. One, they can have rich media advertisements that they can embed auto play videos into them, they can build in Flash animations, small versions of computer games or puzzles, they can include massive amounts of info onto one page but spread over several layers, and most importantly they can get a potential customer involved in their ad on a level not possible in a print magazine.

The second reason advertisers love Ceros is because of the instant feedback. This is also one of the things that sets Ceros apart from (and in my opinion better than) other downloadble services such as Zinio. Ceros has a pretty good back end that consists of statistics for every button pushed, every video watched and more importantly for Mr Advertiser how many people have seen, interacted with, watched or click through from their advert.

This feedback has proved a massive selling point for ad teams and most of the time the feedback has been really good and in some cases exceptional. If an advertiser can see how effective their expenditure has been they are much more likely to invest at the start and continue as the product develops.

A is for Attitude.
Technology magazines and websites have a tendency to be dull boring works of crap. Colours are always grey or beige, fonts are normally a dull rip off of Helvetica and the pictures are normally the sort of thing that could push you into comma. With iGizmo I wanted to the opposite to a lot this, I wanted to give it a bit of attitude, or as I would often say “put some hair on its balls”. So my colour system is all based on RGB and utilises stupidly bright colours, all boxes have rounded corners to try and make it a bit softer, more approachable, headhsots of staff members are un directed so what you see is an accurate representation of the person. The fonts (Stainless by the way) is not the sort of thing you normally get in a tech mag, its way more lifestyle and easy going but makes a good companion against the harsh Glypha. The pictures we use and often bright and bubly, lots of reds that jump off page, lots of bright yellowy greens that slap you round the chops a bit and the throwing in of random silly things like a Batman came in a video, a stupid picture of a Terminator holding a mobile phone or a video review that gives Apple a load of shot for poor treatment of its customers.

All of these little things add up to the magazines, voice, its personality and its attitude and all are vitally important to they way its received by the public and by sceptics of the online platform.


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