Dennis launch new digizine – iMotor

Following on the footsteps of this years launch of iGizmo, Dennis Publishing have launched its third Ceros based digital publication, iMotor.


Aimed at car lovers iMotor follows a very similar structure as iGizmo, its fortnightly, 28 pages has news reports and video reviews plus all the usual interactive content now associated with these magazines.

The standard of videos within the magazine are excellent, considering they are made for an audience much, much smaller than any TV programme and thus have virtually no budgets, they reach a very standard and will no doubt be one of the major selling points of iMotor, even more so than iGizmo.

The name iMotor caused a few chuckles when first heard, Felix Dennis obviously thinks he’s onto a winner these “i” mags, well, it worked pretty good for iGizmo so why not?

With the release of iMotor and a six to twelve month observation period we should get a clear picture of the popularity of this medium.

Monkey has been published every week for over a year and a half now, iGizmo is already nearing its six month anniversary and by the end of the year iMotor will hit its six month peg also. With all the statistics that come as part of the Ceros package we should start to get a pretty clear idea, possibly for the first time, as to what works and what doesn’t, both in terms of editorial, design and advertising and marketing.

I cant share specific stats with you for fear of being thrown off a cliff but iGizmo is well on track to reach our ABCe targets and the magazine seems to be developing a dedicated fan base as well as gaining a substantial number of new readers each issue.

The next year will be an interesting one for Dennis publishing, if they continue to be successful will we see other publishers such as IPC and Future adopt similar methods? Or if Dennis are seen to be failing at digital publishing will that be the end for Ceros and online magazines or will they continue to thrive in the online B2B market?

I think the former. Future Publishing Stateside have already released a Ceros based music magazine, and IPC have copies of Marie Claire online (although not interactive) and I have no doubt that Dennis will release another Ceros based digizine at some point in the future.


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