Ceros is an online magazine publishing platform. And in my opinion the best one currently in circulation, it is also the chosen platform for Dennis publishing’s three online consumer titles iGizmo, Monkey and iMotor, plus numerous B2B titles


Excerpt from the Ceros website (link on the right):

“Available as a licensed product or a fully managed service, Ceros is the culmination of intensive consultation and research into the challenges faced by magazine publishers in delivering online magazine content efficiently and profitably. As our clients testify, Ceros provides the perfect platform from which to harness the interactivity of the Web with the engagement of a magazine.

With over 1 million opens of Ceros magazines every week, readership in every one of the 192 countries on Earth and major brands creating advertising content specially for the format, Ceros is fast becoming the de-facto standard for interactive online magazine publishing

The seeds of the Ceros platform were first sown in 2005. A group of Internet-savvy publishing industry professionals got together to discuss the lack of a truly interactive means of publishing content in a format familiar to all: a magazine. Whilst a few downloadable products existed, they seemed cumbersome and not particularly friendly to use. These products also seemed to assume that all Internet users were happy to part with money for access to content – an assumption that seemed to contradict direction the Web was moving at the time. It seemed clear there was a need for a platform from which to publish online magazines providing the opportunity for true dialogue, without the need to download applications and built so as not to impose any particular business model upon the publisher. So formed the Ceros DNA. A prototype was launched in 2006 and trialled at the Technology for Marketing show. The development team had worked hard on useability and adhered to the original Ceros design DNA, so they had a feeling they’d done well but the reaction took everyone by surprise. PrintWeek Magazine hailed Ceros as ‘breakthrough’ technology. The Lancet became the first live title and the 3ft square stand we used at the show was all but destroyed in the ensuing melee!

Having successfully launched 24 new software versions since the prototype back in 2006, the Ceros team now presides over a platform from which over 250 titles are published by renowned publishers the world over. Ceros has been instrumental in shaping the methods and criteria by which online magazines are audited and the platform has been licensed internationally, transforming the online magazine publishing landscape in the process.”

The reason for posting this excerpt isn’t to plug a company Im associated with through my work on iGizmo, it’s merely to give you some frame of reference for those that aren’t familiar with who Ceros actually are, it’s something that will be mentioned continuously throughout this site.


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